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Providing unmatched reach, quality and flexibility in the Philadelphia DMA, The Philly Exchange is an exclusive partnership between two of the largest digital marketing entities in the Philadelphia DMA.

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Local Audience, Flexibility and Value

  • 1st Party data providing you with the opportunity to leverage the largest Philly DMA data platform on a hyper-local level
  • Trusted placement on quality brands Access to additional local Philadelphia sites to saturate the local market if needed
  • Cost efficient rates for display (mobile & desktop) Programmatic, Private Exchange or Direct Guaranteed inventory opportunities available
  • Custom audience segments created if desired
  • MOAT Tags for viewability reporting Rich media, high impact units
  • Optimization across sites based on target KPI’s
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Source: comScore Local Market Multi-Platform Report, 6 mo average December ’17 – May ‘18

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Sources: Unique visitors: comScore Local Market Multi Platform, 6 mo average December ’17 – May ‘18. Duplication calculated based on 2017 Release 2, Nielsen Scarborough Report, Philadelphia DMA Study

Dominant Local Market Reach

  • The Philly Exchange provides dominant local market coverage of the Philly DMA. In fact, 66% of’s audience is also an audience of the Philly Exchange (Advance affiliates, plus
  • We add additional local sites, achieving local market saturation, through our exchange.

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