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Mackinac Island:
Where time stands still

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In 2013, Mackinac Island Tourism identified a need for a refined, laser-targeted, digital campaign

The island is a spot where time has stood still—where cars are replaced by horses, pedestrians and bicyclists. One of Michigan’s must-see historic sites, Mackinac was a destination in need of revitalizing their efforts to better tell their story.

Increasing Overnight Stays on the Island

Mackinac Island Tourism’s primary goal has always been to increase total room revenue on the Island. Advance 360 knows that telling an amazing story, crafting words and visuals to create unique but relatable, desirable moments for travel intenders would be key to elevating the destination as a chosen spot for vacationers.

Advance 360 crafted a full-year marketing campaign that elevated bookings in both early and late season, adding increases in total room revenue, but also in the length of the season itself.

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Mackinac Island Activities

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Mackinac Island Touring

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Mackinac Island: Watersports and Golf

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Mackinac Island: Meet the Island

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