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Marketing Educational Institutions is Changing. Be Prepared.

advanced Digital Strategy for Educational Institutions
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It’s a New Day in Education

Mentioning the word “marketing” in relation to education used to be taboo. But there’s a shift taking place. And it’s healthy. Vocational schools, colleges and universities are becoming more sophisticated in segmenting their markets and addressing competitive marketshare. It’s not advertising. It’s thinking carefully about your programs and potential applicants then making sure your message matches your target audience to generate the leads to drive enrollment.

Is Your Marketing Addressing the Questions Your Prospects Have?

The rising costs of higher ed are affecting parents and students alike. Only 77% believe that they’ll be able to support themselves financially after graduation. Is a vocational school program or a 4-year college right for me? Some 30 million jobs in the United States that pay an average of $55,000 per year don't require bachelor's degrees, according to a recent report.

Create a Strategy That Presents You As the Answers to the Questions

The Student Journey

The definition of a student has changed. While many seek four years on campus and the value of a liberal arts degree, others are becoming much more targeted and are seeking to quickly enter the workforce. Either way, today’s students are pragmatic and results-oriented whether they are seeking to develop trade skills or pursue a 4-year degree or more. Content that acknowledges and addresses specific concerns trumps generalities. And targeting the right message to the right applicant, at the right time, will boost your enrollment.


College athletics play an important role in supporting recruitment, alumni loyalty and branding for many colleges and universities. At Advance 360, we understand that. Because when it comes to sports marketing, whether you win or lose is just as important as how you play the game.

Trade school achieves 65% enrollment growth in a 12-month year over year comparison.

The College of Automotive and Diesel Technology (NYADI) sought to drive greater engagement and enrollments among their target prospects. Their digital marketing efforts had been unfocused and marginally effective as they lacked the data points, targeting expertise and optimization power they needed to consistently deliver conversions and enrollments. Advance 360 took the helm with a data focused strategy that would set the campaign on the right course and improve performance.

Community College Garners Record Engagements by Targeting Students

The community college was struggling to reach eligible summer-only students and their parents. The strategies were a blend of latitude/longitude targeting (geo-locating), social media, and responsive rich media. These strategies worked together to encourage social and website interaction, awareness of inexpensive options for college credits during the summer, and overall site traffic.

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15% Increase in Applications for MBA Program

A four year institution approached Advance 360 wanting to increase applications and enrollment for their online MBA programs. The strategy, which centered on content creation, paid and organic social media promotion, targeted online display impressions, and a paid search, resulted in a 700% web traffic increase.

Culinary school cooks up new enrollments

The success of this culinary school’s programs with their current government assistance clientele encouraged them to extend their program offerings for general enrollment. The school believed they could expand the impact of their programs by allowing more people the opportunity to learn and grow in the hospitality field. With a goal of increasing new student enrollment by 10 – 15 students per session, the client turned to Advance 360 because of our reputation for excellence, credibility of our expertise and data, and our team infrastructure to fully support and monitor their digital marketing efforts. With a 400% average monthly ROI, an average of 120 leads per month were delivered as a result of campaign strategies.

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Reducing cost per acquisition and improving enrollment yield.

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