College Athletics Strategies for Success

cuse College Athletics Strategies for Success
advanced College Athletics Strategies for Success

College Athletics Strategies for success

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As a substantial contributor to the revenue stream of universities, athletics generate financial opportunity while enhancing the affinity and connectedness to the university’s brand. At the core of any sports department is the support of student athletes and academic achievement, solidifying identities of these young people both on and off the field. But let’s get serious. Without an intricate athletics marketing strategy, the revenue and brand suffer.

The Challenge

Syracuse University’s athletics department sought a partner who could help them transition from relying on a traditional media mix to a digitally-focused marketing mix to boost athletic ticket sales.

The Goal

Reach clearly defined objectives for specific ticket-buying segments (e.g. ew season ticket buyers)

Unique Data Insights Partnered with Digital Tools

Our Advance New York team developed a strategy that harvested insights and action plans based on CRM analysis, Nielsen reports and other data sources to inform segmentation strategy, message themes, and delivery platform decisions. Then, messages to custom audiences were delivered, featuring Syracuse Athletics.

Video Storyboard

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Paid Social

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Content Marketing

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The Results:

KPIs for search, social, email, display and sponsor content routinely exceeded industry averages. First Party Data, paired with CRM analysis and audience matching provided the special blend of information. Unique data sets were gleaned, such as device IDs from home game attendees and visitors to other regional events. Deep data was generated by Advance’s leading local news and information site for the market and the region. (See our overview document here.)

The Bottom LineHighest number of new tickets sold since 1992

Through "Aug. 1 - Oct, 2016"

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