AT-hero1400x480 Audience Targeting Capabilities

Audience Targeting

advanced Audience Targeting Capabilities
advanced Audience Targeting Capabilities
advanced Audience Targeting Capabilities
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Audience Strategy is Your Roadmap to Success, not the Destination

Digital Campaigns aren’t guesswork. They are like a surgical strike: sending the message to just the right target on the device he or she is holding right now.

We understand the marketplace in which your brand lives.

Using search analysis, your own CRM, and marketshare data we understand your audience better than anyone else. We know who your best customer is, and we find more just like them.

Messaging is designed to influence the person seeing your ad.

Let’s not send material en masse. Gone are the days of casting the widest net and hoping to generate revenue. Now, we build the visual just for the person seeing it, saying what he or she needs to hear most, when he needs to hear it.

Finding the audience is based on more than geography. Yes, where they live and consume is important. But more important is the behavior your target exhibits that tells us they are ready for your business to appear in their path.

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Targeting Properly takes an Exceptional Technology Partner

You want to find just the right person, you need the right partner. Advance 360 owns or partners with the technology you need to run your best campaign.

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Strategy for the “Unfindable Audience”


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Using Audience Targeting to Sell More Tickets


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